Dehydrated Avocado?

I see this question on the internet all the time.

Can you dehydrate avocado for the trail?

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image courtesy of California Avocado

Yes, you can!

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East Coast Road Trip–Acadia National Park

Stop 2 on our East Coast Road Trip took us all the way from Smuggler’s Notch Vermont to to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor!

Way out to the ocean, to the east coast off of Maine.


I am told that Mt Katahdin is the tallest peak in the distance–it’s one of those, at least

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East Coast Road Trip–Smuggler’s Notch

It finally happened–we agreed to take that road trip, the one everyone dreams of.  We rented a pop-up trailer, threw the dog in the back, and just went….  Ok, really, I planned meticulously for months, but still…..road trip!!!!

Stop 1 on the East Coast Road Trip??

Smuggler’s Notch, VT.


Our little rental pop-up, in it’s tiny but perfect site at the Notch.

I had it all planned out.  We had only one night there (even though I had to pay for two—weird park rule)—and there was a mountain to hike there, damn it, so we would make time!!!

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