Dehydrated Avocado?

I see this question on the internet all the time.

Can you dehydrate avocado for the trail?

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image courtesy of California Avocado

Yes, you can!

Some really high-fat foods rally can’t be dried at home, but I frequently make up guacamole and dehydrate it for the trail.  The trick with avocado is that you need to mash it (make guacamole) and add a more-than-usual amount of lime juice, to keep the colour.


When drying, on “fruit” setting if you dehydrator has a temperature dial, spread the avocado as thin as possible onto a tray liner (like you would use for fruit roll-ups)–or, if you don’t have one, you can now buy non-stick tinfoil which works like a dream in a dehydrator.

After about 6 hours, you should be able to peel the avocado off like a fruit roll-up and flip it over, and continue to dry for another 2 hours or so.  With any hard-to-dehydrate items like this, I usually then leave it in the dehydrator, turned off, (or on top of a cold stove) overnight to finish drying.

When you believe it is good and dry, you can then powder it up in a spice grinder or an old coffee grinder.  I use the kind of coffee/spice grinder that has the blade in a cup at the top–one that does not have a chute.  It’s easy to wipe out the cup and blade after each item that way.

The guacamole will re-hydrate easily even with a bit of cold water in just a few minutes if you’ve powdered it.  Chunky guacamole leather may take a bit longer and be uneven–but still tasty.  The guacamole may not look exactly right, but the taste will be bang-on!

This food should be stored in the freezer after dehydrating until your trip.  It should be fine up to 2 weeks on the trail in a regular ziplock bag.  If you need it to last longer, I recommend vacuum-sealing.  I personally don’t yet own a vacuum-sealer.  But then again, I live in Canada, not in the tropics, so my food is not being exposed to such an extreme and moist environment, and I’ve never gone on a trip with home-dehydrated food for longer than 2 weeks.

Enjoy your trail guacamole!


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