faceI love the outdoors.  I always have.  I grew up camping with my family, and loved it so much that I decided I wanted to do this for a living.  In fact, told my graduating high school class that I was “going away to become a tree”.  My teachers tried to dissuade me from saying that.  In hindsight, they were probably right.  But fast forward a few years and I got a degree in Parks and Forest Recreation.  Not kidding.  I was trained to be a hiking interpreter.  And was certified for canoe and kayak instruction.  Guiding.  And chainsaw use, since you asked.

But life got in the way.  Marriage, kids, a house in the burbs, a need for a larger, more steady income–it took me away from what I love for twenty years.  Now I’m aging myself.  But the kids are grown and the woods and water are calling me again.


training Thing 2 to stay in the canoe

I still love the outdoors.  And I love having crazy adventures that end with me sharing incredible stories. DSCF4902I love hiking with The Hubs and my dog (Thing 2).  And I love back-country camping and canoe routes. There is nothing more mesmerizing than the sound of a paddle dipping on a still lake and feeling like you are the only person for a hundred miles in every direction.  Waking in your tent on a misty morning, making a cup of coffee and sitting on a high ledge in your Nano chair while you watch the mist evaporate off the lake with loons and beavers creating ripples on the water below… 

I’m not going to lie to you–I also LOVE food.  Even when camping/canoe route/hiking.  Let the dehydrator experiments begin!!!  Don’t let anyone tell you that trail food has to be bland, or low-fat, or highly refined carbohydrates.  I love eating a ketogenic diet, and I will prove to you that trail food can be whole, nutritious food, and be totally awesome!

DSCF5076I wish I could seek adventure every day, but alas, I do have a day job.  So I get away when I can, and I go on day hikes when I can’t.  Ontario is a beautiful place, and I want to share that with you as much as I can.

All I want is to go to wild places, to explore, and to have fun doing it.  I started this blog/site as a way to tell my stories, and to make myself commit to go to more of these places, to seek out more adventures, and to hopefully meet a few people along the way to enjoy those adventures with.  After such a long break, I’m excited to get back to it—let’s go!


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